Top Fin Aquaponics Review

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The Top Fin Aquaponics series of fish tank kits are great little set ups that can fit on most small surfaces in your home.

They are available in a few sizes with the biggest being 5 gallons, which happens to be the perfect size for small fish like a Betta fish and some small decorations.

In this review of the Top Fin® Aquaponics 5 Gallon Desk Aquarium we will go over exactly how to set up the fish tank, the best plants to use and all the sizes available for you to choose from.

We even include a bunch of cool video’s you can watch if you hate reading (I know I do!).


Alternatives To The Top Fin Aquaponics Kit

Quick Overview 5 Gallon Top Fin® Aquaponics Kit

Top Fin Aquaponics Kit Image

Top Fin® Aquaponics 5 Gallon Desk Aquarium $59.99

The Best Features Of The Top Fin® Aquaponics Kit

  • Make cooking more enjoyable by having fresh herbs in your kitchen.

  • Th filter is adjustable and on the lowest setting it won’t bother small fish like a Betta

  • Affordable price for what you get when compared to aquaponic fish tanks double the price

Top Fin Aquaponics Kit Image

What We Liked About The Top Fin® Aquaponics Aquarium

  • Easy Setup & maintenance
  • Plants grow really well
  • Fits on most countertops

What We Don’t Like About The Top Fin® Aquaponics Aquarium

  • Filter quality — could be easily solved by using better media.
  • LED lighting is weak but good enough for most plants.

What You Need To Know This Aquaponics Kit

For the purpose of this review we will be referring to the 5 gallon kit which in our opinion is the smallest tank you should get if you are looking at getting fish.

Anything smaller and it becomes difficult to keep the water clean and healthy for your fish and plants — However, you’re welcome to give a smaller tank a go, below we have links to all the sizes available.

Video: Top Fin Aquaponics Unboxing

This video review and unboxing of the Top Fin Aquaponics 2.5 Gallon goes over what comes with the tank (hint: not a filter) and how you can modify the pump with an easy little trick.

You should be aware that this video is about the “Embark” version of the Top Fin Aquaponics kits which is available at PETSMART.

For the most part all the Top Fin Aquaponics fish tanks are very similar and are very easy to set up.

What’s Included (Top Fin Aquaponics 5 Gallon Kit)

The 5 Gallon Top Fin kit comes with everything you need to get started, here’s what’s included;

  • 1 five gallon tank with planter lid
  • 1 plant growth LED fixture
  • 1 integrated filtration system (5 Gallon Kit Only)
  • 7 oz planting media
  • 1 one-color LED
  • 1 filter cartridge (5 Gallon Kit Only)

What Sizes Are Available:

The Top Fin Aquaponics fish tank comes in the following sizes & can be found online at PetSmart.

  • 2 Gallon
  • 2.5 Gallon
  • 3 Gallon
  • 3.5 Gallon
  • 5 Gallon

What Plants Can Be Used In The Top Fin Aquaponics Fish Tank?

When selecting plants for your new aquaponics kit be sure to start with some small herbs or easy to grow plants.

Below are a few examples of easy to grow plants you could try out and you can find a few more Recommended Plants over at Nelson & Pade

  • any leafy lettuce
  • pak choi
  • kale
  • swiss chard
  • arugula
  • basil
  • mint
  • watercress
  • chives
  • most common house plants

Best Planting Media For The Top Fin Aquaponics Kit?

All sizes of come with enough planting media for your aquaponics kit to get started which is great. However, at some point you will need more — Also, there are much better brands available.

If you do require more planting media try using someting like Viastone Expanded Clay Grow Rocks it’s a great media that will help jumpstart your plants growth.

How To Set Up The Top Fin Aquaponics Fish Tank

According to Petsmart the kit can be set up by following these easy steps below…However, I feel like there would be a little more required to get it up an running properly. However, it’s still a pretty basic aquarium set up with a basic aquaponics system.

  1. Place aquarium on a stable, sturdy surface away from heat, cold, and direct sunlight.
  2. Use an aquarium heater, if needed, to maintain stable water temperatures.


  1. Choose your favorite color of gravel, or mix and match.
  2. Condition water during set-up and each water change. Water testing, water conditioner, and bacteria starter are keys to success. Let water sit for 24 hours before introducing fish.
  3. Use decor to complement your personal style and provide shelter for your fish.


  1. Choose the appropriate quantity of compatible fish.
  2. Feed your fish with the appropriate type and amount of food.

Buy The Top Fin® Aquaponics 5 Gallon Aquarium KitTop Fin Aquaponics Kit Image

Top Fin® Aquaponics 5 Gallon Desk Aquarium $59.99

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