7 Terrific Small Betta Fish Tanks

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So you want to get a Betta fish, but you don’t have the room for a 5-gallon Betta tank. Well, there are some great small Betta fish tanks out there that can make a perfect home for your Betta without taking up too much space on your counter or desk.

Employees at the pet store may tell you that a Betta will be perfectly happy in a small fishbowl or vase, but that’s not really true. Like any fish, Bettas need room to swim and explore, and a tank that’s too small won’t provide that.

In general, you shouldn’t keep a Betta in a tank smaller than 2.5 gallons, but you can go as low as 1.5 gallons if you’re willing to perform more frequent maintenance. The smaller the tank, the faster toxins will build up and create an unsafe environment for your Betta.

The Best Betta Fish Tanks give your Betta enough room to swim around, make maintenance easy, and look great. These 7 terrific small Betta fish tanks can make great homes for any Betta.

1. Fluval Spec III Aquarium Kit, 2.6 Gallon

This attractive 2.6-gallon tank is packed with features in a sleek, modern design. The all-glass sides and aluminum trim are eye-catching, and the solid construction means that this tank is built to last.

The Fluval Spec III comes with just about everything you need to house a Betta, including an overhanging LED lighting system and a quality filter concealed at the back of the tank. However, the water flow is a little powerful for Betta fish, so we recommend placing a filter sponge over the output.

With the slight modifications of adding a filter sponge and a heater, the Fluval Spec III is a great-looking and high-quality small tank for your Betta fish.

2. Marina Betta Aquarium Kit, 1.77 Gallon

If you’re looking for a simple and fun plastic tank for your Betta that’s also affordable, the Marina Betta Aquarium Kit is a great choice. This tank is made of durable acrylic and includes a flip-open plastic lid for easy access to the tank. It also comes with a double-sided background that lets you add a splash of personality to your Betta’s home.

Although this is a good little tank, it doesn’t come with all you need to keep a Betta. We recommend adding at least a quality affordable heater, and getting a good Betta fish filter will help you cut down on maintenance. All in all, this is a great no-frills tank for the beginning Betta owner.

3. Penn Plax Vertex Aquarium Kit, Desktop Size 2.7 Gallon

The Vertex Betta tank from Penn Plax lets you see your Betta from all angles. This 2.7-gallon tank is made from bent glass, so there is no trim at the corners getting in the way of your aquascape. The overall effect is very contemporary, and this tank is sure to enhance any room.

The Vertex tank comes with a quality HOB filter, thermometer, fish net, and plastic lid, so all you need to do is add a good aquarium heater and a light, and you’re ready to rock. If you want an all-in-one package that looks great and really highlights your Betta, this tank should be on your list.

4. Marina 360-Degree Aquarium Starter Kit, 2.65 Gallon

If you prefer the looks of a round tank, this 2.65-gallon starter kit is an excellent choice. Made of high-quality plastic tinted at the edges to look like glass, the Marina 360 is solid and looks great.

A pump and filter are concealed in the pillar at the back of the tank, and there’s plenty of space to add in a heater. This tank also comes complete with filter cartridges and LED lights. The Marina 360 is a top-notch tank for any Betta.

5. BioBubble Wonder Bubble Tunnel Kit, 1.5 Gallon

The BioBubble Wonder Bubble Tunnel Kit is a unique 1.5-gallon tank that provides endless entertainment for you and your Betta. Positive water pressure keeps water in the overhanging tunnel and allows your Betta to swim up and out through the other side.

Because of its unique shape, this tank may be tough to clean well, but the fun of seeing your Betta play in the suspended tunnel may be worth it. If you have an adventurous Betta that loves to explore, this is the perfect tank for him.

6. Tetra 1.8 Gallon Waterfall Globe Aquarium Kit

This fishbowl-style small Betta fish tank features a unique waterfall feature that creates the soothing sound of running water. An all-in-one system, the Tetra Waterfall Globe has a cartridge-based filter tucked away in the rear pillar. This 1.8-gallon tank also features LED lights to highlight your Betta’s coloring.

The waterfall from the top may be a little strong, but adding a floating Betta log to your tank helps reduce the flow and gives your Betta a perch to hang out on. This is a great little tank that puts an interesting spin on the traditional fishbowl.

7. API Betta Kit Globe Fish Tank, 2 Gallon

The API Betta Globe is an affordable 2-gallon fishbowl without a whole lot of bells and whistles. But that doesn’t stop it from being a great small Betta fish tank.

The Betta Globe is made of impact-resistant plastic, so you won’t need to worry about breaking like some of the cheaper bowls on the market. It also features LED lights in 7 colors, so you can have a little fun with how you display your Betta.

It doesn’t come with a filter or a heater, but for an inexpensive and simple Betta tank, the API Globe is tough to beat.

Final Thoughts On Small Betta Fish Tanks

The best small betta fish tanks on this list are all great choices for your Betta’s home. Some offer the convenience of an all-in-one system, some features stunning design or unique features, and some are more barebones and affordable.

However, the best way to ensure your Betta is happy and healthy is to have a tank that is at least 5 gallons; Click here to read our post featuring 6 Superior 5 Gallon Betta Fish Tanks For Under $100.

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