5 Floating Aquarium Decorations You Can Use

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You’re probably reading this because the great expanse at the top of your tank needs some attention. Floating aquarium decorations are especially beneficial if most of your fish are middle- or bottom-level dwellers.

I have found five floating aquarium decorations that work great to decorate the top and middle levels of your tank. Choose from a floating aquarium log, floating moss rocks, floating jellyfish, a floating diver, or live duckweed plants.


Top 5 Floating Aquarium Decorations to Choose from

Floating aquarium decorations in different strata than your other decorations can really complete your tank. I’ve found several that can transform your aquarium, along with some that can be useful as well.

Floating Aquarium Log

Zoo Med Floating Aquarium Log, Mini

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If you’ve been wanting to add a frog to your tank, having a floating aquarium log is precisely what you need. While your upper-level dwellers are busy swimming through it and hiding out inside, your frog can spend some surface time on top.

I was a little concerned when I first saw this log. I imagined that my frog would end up like a cartoon character, riding it as it spun in the water. However, the bottom of the log is weighted so that your frog, newt, or mudskipper can climb up it and sit on top without having to worry that it’s unstable.

Another thing that I like to do with this floating log is to take it out of the water, fill it full of extra special fish treats, and then put it back in the water for a fun buffet frenzy. My fish get ridiculously excited every time I take the log out of the water because they know what’s coming. Who said you couldn’t train fish?

Floating Moss Rocks

Aquarium Fish Tank Floating Moss Rocks Resin Stone Decorations Artificial Suspended Rock Ornament Landscape(Small)

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This floating moss rock reminds me of the 1986 Studio Ghibli movie Castle in the Sky. Whether you’re a Studio Ghibli fan or not, these floating islands of greenery are fascinating.

The rocks don’t float and attach to the sides of your tank with suction cups and a transparent fishing line. Thus, it’s fun to get several to add to various tank levels. Plus, they stay exactly where you want them in the tank rather than floating around willy nilly.

The small one measures 2.3”x3.1”, and the larger one measures 3.1”x5”. So, they’re small enough to even fit in nano tanks. They also look lovely in a fantasy-themed tank.

Floating Jellyfish

Uniclife 6 Pcs Glowing Jellyfish Ornament Decoration for Aquarium Fish Tank

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If you have a tank that already has other neon-colored decorations, like neon plastic plants, decorations, and substrate, you’ll want these floating jellyfish to help complete your look.

The great thing about choosing plastic jellyfish, rather than real jellyfish, for your tank is that they won’t sting when you touch them. Even if you have a freshwater tank, remember that freshwater jellies exist in nature as well.

You get six different-colored jellyfish in the pack:

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Purple
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Orange

These look especially nice under an ultraviolet lamp or blue light, where they glow and create a surreal and mysterious underwater scene.

Each jellyfish attaches with a suction cup and thin clear line, so it will stay pretty close to where you affix it. The line is also adjustable so that you can keep it at the depth you want and keep it from tangling up with other jellies.

Each jellyfish is 2” wide x 6” long. So, you can put a few of these even in a nano aquarium.

Floating Diver

Penn Plax Aquarium Decoration With Moving Treasure Chest, Floating Diver, and Bubble Action 4 Inches High - 065

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A floating diver can be a fun addition to a tank. He might also fit in with a pirate-themed tank as he discovers the chest full of buried treasure.

The floating diver is also an aerator, and he moves around as the bubbles push him around. The treasure chest also opens and closes. The diver’s chain has unloosened from around the chest to see what wonders lie inside attaches him to the chest.

You will need to find a way to weigh down the chest so that the diver doesn’t pull it around the tank. You might consider bolstering it against other scenery with aquarium rocks or using a suction cup.

The treasure chest measures 2.25” long x 1.75” wide x 2” high. Meanwhile, the diver is 4” wide and 7.25” tall. Keep in mind that he’ll be moving around on his chain a bit when you decide if he can fit your tank.

Duckweed Live Plant

Duckweed (Lemna Minor) - 100/200/500 Live Plants (200) by Aqua Habit

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Many people with planted tanks forget it’s possible to have floating plants along with ones that grow at the bottom of the tank.

Using floating plants in your tank has several benefits:

  • They’re easy to grow and maintain
  • They provide places to hide
  • They help de-stress your fish
  • They keep your water chemistry more stable, reducing waste in your tank like nitrate
  • They keep your tank aerated
  • They supplement your fish’s diet and are high in protein
  • They provide a natural look for your tank

Duckweed is one of my favorite floating live plants. You’ve probably seen it growing in ponds, and it can make an awe-inspiring display there. However, it’s even more interesting in your tank because it has little tendrils below it that are reminiscent of jellyfish tendrils. So it adds a bit of mystique to your tank as well.

Remember that duckweed doubles its mass quickly, so you don’t have to start with much. You’ll also want to plan to remove some when you do your weekly aquarium cleaning to keep it under control.

I like to use duckweed in my peacock cichlid tank because, even though my cichlids gobble it up, the plant continues to grow exponentially. It’s one of the few things besides java ferns that I can plant in their tank.

Video: DIY Floating Aquarium Stones


No matter what tank setup, size, and theme you have, one of these floating aquarium decorations are sure to work for your tank.

My absolute favorite is the floating jellyfish because it provides color and interest with or without ultraviolet light. However, duckweed is also a favorite in my cichlid tank since it multiplies faster than they can eat it.

As you decorate your tank, you also might want to consider some DIY fish tank decorations to make a unique tank to fit your tastes.

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