10 Most Beautiful Fancy Goldfish Types [Infographic]

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If you’re thinking of keeping Goldfish, but not sure which one would look the best in your aquarium?

Then this infographic will give you a great idea of the most popular fancy Goldfish types available.

After the infographic, you’ll find more information and videos of all the types of goldfish shown in the infographic.

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Types of Goldfish
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The infographic above is a great visual of the most popular fancy Goldfish types and the videos below will really help you decide which fancy Goldfish is right for you.

Let’s dive right in.

Most Popular Fancy Goldfish Types

1) Comet Goldfish

The Comet Goldfish has long flowing fins that can be as long as it’s body and can resemble the trails behind a “Comet”.

Comet’s are available in many colours and found in most stores. They are also very hardy which makes them great for beginners.

Watch: Comet Goldfish 

2) Jikin Goldfish

The Jikin Fancy Type Goldfish is sometimes known as the Butterfly-tail or Peacock Goldfish becuase when viewed from behind, the tail looks like a butterfly or Peacock tail.

Jinkin’s are very rare and can be somewhat difficult to care for. However, they are very hardy and can grow up to 9 inches in a large aquarium.

3) Oranda Goldfish

The Oranda fancy Goldfish comes in many colours, most often orange, red and red/white.

You can tell it’s an Oranda by the large fleshy growth on it’s head that can sometimes cover everything but it’s eyes.

The most popular Oranda Goldfish is the Red Cap Oranda.

Watch: Amazing Red Cap Oranda Goldfish

4) Pearlscale Goldfish

With it’s round body, short fins and thick domed scales that look like pearls this Goldfish is a great example of selective breeding.

The Pearlscale Fancy Goldfish type can grow up to 8 inches and is very prone to swimbladder disease as a result of it’s inability to keep a normal position in the water. Because of this it’s not recommended for beginners.

Watch: Large Pearlscale Goldfish

5) Ryukin Goldfish

The Ryukin is very popular with beginners becuase it’s very hardy and easy to care for. However, it can become aggressive to other fancy Goldfish types because of it’s large size.

Most Ryukin will have a pointed head, with long or short fins and a large hump just behind it’s head.

Watch: Ryukin Goldfish Tank

6) Sabao Goldfish

The Sabao Goldfish is an uncommon fancy goldfish type, but it is very beautiful  if you can find one.

They are strong, hardy and great for ponds or large aquariums. The Sabao’s typical colours are solid red and red/white.

Watch: Goldfish Dream Sabao

7) Shubunkin Goldfish

The Shubunkin Fancy Goldfish looks very similar to the Comet Goldfish.

Most Shubunkin’s have shimmering scales with a calico colouring that includes red, gold, black, white and sometimes blue and purple.

Shubunkin’s that contain more blue are considered the most valuable.

Watch: Shubunkin goldfish

8) Veiltail Goldfish

The Veiltail Goldfish is one of the most beautiful fancy goldfish types you can find with its lengthy and graceful double tail. They are available in many colors and can have metallic shimmering scales.

Veiltails are not the best swimmers but they can be kept with less aggessive fancy Goldfish.

Watch: Veiltail goldfish

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