8 Famous Disney Aquarium Decorations You Can Use

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Disney characters have been collecting fans since Mickey Mouse debuted in 1928. So whether you’re one of their newest fans or have been a Disney fan all your life, Disney aquarium decorations can be fun.

The eight Disney aquarium decorations I’d like to highlight include characters from Frozen, The Little Mermaid, Mickey Mouse, and Finding Nemo. All are 1.5 to 5 inches tall, making them perfect for fishbowls and small nano tanks.


Top 8 Disney Aquarium Decorations to Choose from

You can pair these Disney aquarium decorations together or use them alone in a smaller aquarium.


Penn-Plax Officially Licensed Disney's Frozen Sliding Olaf Mini Ornament: Perfect For Fish Tanks And Small Aquariums! (2.25” long, 1.25” deep, and 1.75” tall) (FZR31)

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Snowmen like to spend time underwater, too, don’t they? Unfortunately, the temperature in your tank would melt the real Olaf from Disney’s Frozen, leaving nothing but some sticks, a carrot, and eyeballs. However, your Olaf aquarium decoration will be just fine.

Olaf looks like he’s sliding face-first down a snowy hill. However, putting him at the top of a sloping aquarium rock can make it look more like the real deal. Try quartzite or light-colored granite for this purpose.

Olaf is a small decoration, measuring only 2.25 x 1.25 x 1.75 inches. At this size, he’s best in a small nano tank.

While Olaf is hilarious he’s got nothing on these funny SpongeBob Aquarium Decorations.


Penn-Plax Mermaid Princess Ariel Aquarium Ornament

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When you think of aquariums and Disney characters, Ariel the Little Mermaid is one of the first ones who come to mind. She’s so pretty sitting in her clamshell, and her small size (1.5 x 2.25 inches) makes her perfect for aquariums of any size.

Try surrounding her with everyday items like she loved to collect in the story. Try raiding a toy box or finding miniatures at the dollar store. Her collection included:

  • Silverware (remember her using a fork as a hairbrush?)
  • Treasure chests and jewelry
  • Candleholders
  • Fishing gear

She would also be pretty with wavy plants like eelgrass (Vallisneria Americana) around her.


Penn-Plax Little Mermaid Aquarium Ornament, Mini

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Ariel’s cute fish friend, Flounder, is another fun idea for a character to add to a Disney-themed tank. He’s the one who supports Ariel most in her fascination with human artifacts, and he’s always faithful to help her when she needs him most.

You can add Flounder to the tank with Ariel or use him on his own.

Flounder’s species is a mystery. He’s certainly not a real flounder and says he doesn’t like to be called a guppy (which is the equivalent of calling him a baby). However, he would be cute in a tank full of Endler guppies to clarify that point. Also, all the bright colors from Endler guppies would contrast nicely with this bright fish ornament.

Flounder comes from the same product line as Ariel, but he’s (fittingly) a tad shorter than she is. Flounder measures 1.75 inches high and 1.5″ wide, so he can fit even the smallest fishbowl.


Penn-Plax The Little Mermaid Ursula Aquarium Ornament

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Ursula is one of the evilest Disney villains in my mind. There’s just something about this octopus sea witch that makes me cringe. She was only a minor character in the original Hans Christian Anderson story of “The Little Mermaid,” but she’s larger than life in Disney’s movie version.

When you’re decorating a tank for just Ursula, you want to go as dark and goth as possible. Driftwood is an excellent way to goth up a tank. She also looks good with darker-colored aquarium plants around her, either real or plastic.

Ursula comes with her moray eel companions, Flotsam and Jetsam, which snake around her voluptuous body. In a larger tank, it’s fun to add two or more eels or eel-like fish. Consider these options:

  • Dwarf moray eel
  • Kuhli Loach
  • Bichir
  • Dragonfish

This Ursula is not from the same set as Ariel and Flounder, so she would tower over them by about three inches if you put them in the same tank together. Her size is 5 inches high, 2 inches wide, and 4 inches long.

Mickey Mouse

Penn-Plax 9894 Mickey Mouse Treasure

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Underwater Mickey Mouse is a cute addition to Mickey Mouse or shark enthusiast’s tank. He’s managed to make friends with a shark and find a treasure all on the same day. That sounds like something that would happen to Mickey, doesn’t it?

This Mickey is tiny and is best for a nano tank or fishbowl. While the listing says he’s larger, this Mickey is only 2.2 inches high, 1.2 inches wide, and 2.25 inches long.

Because he’s so tiny, you’ll want to pick a substrate that matches his coloring so that he stands out in the tank. I especially like this Mickey with a blue ice substrate, but he also looks good in the multi-colored GloFish aquarium gravel.

Mermaid Minnie Mouse

Penn-Plax Officially Licensed Classic Disney Aquarium Ornament – Mermaid Minnie (Mini/Small Size) – Perfect for Freshwater and Saltwater Tanks

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Minnie Mouse has been collecting fans since she first appeared in 1942. If you’re a Minnie Mouse fan, you’ll find Mermaid Minnie to be absolutely adorable. She’s a perfect aquarium decoration for little and big Minnie Mouse fans.

If you’re curious, some cartoon episodes where Minnie Mouse appears as a mermaid include the Mickey Mouse episode “Wonders of the Deep” and the Mickey Funhouse episodes “Under the Sea” and “Goldfish Goofy.”

I love to put Mermaid Minnie in a tank with pink aquarium substrate. She’s also cute with natural or plastic starfish and shells scattered around her.

Minnie is a mini ornament like her name suggests. She measures 1.5 inches wide, 1.5 inches long, and 2.25 inches tall.


Penn Plax Finding Nemo Resin Ornament, Nemo and Marlin, 6 Inch

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When you’re thinking of underwater Disney movies, the other main one that comes to mind besides The Little Mermaid is Finding Nemo.

The setup for even a 20-gallon saltwater aquarium for a clownfish can range from $300 to $500 and be challenging to maintain. However, having a Nemo and Marlin ornament in your tank can make a Nemo fan happy for far less expense and work.

Nemo and his dad would look lovely in a tank planted with moss or with a few moss balls. Consider using an ice blue substrate to highlight the coral on the decoration and make Nemo and Marlin really stand out.

The reunited Nemo and Marlin decoration is 2.75 inches high and 4 inches wide, making them appropriate in any nano tank.


Penn-Plax - Officially Licensed Disney's Finding NEMO Aquarium Ornament - Dory with Pink & Purple Coral - Mini Sized 1.6

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You’d need at least a 100-gallon saltwater tank for a royal blue tang like Dory from Finding Nemo. If that’s unattainable, having a Dory ornament may suffice.

Dory’s so dopey that you’ve got to love her. She looks incredibly clueless and cute in this aquarium ornament. Of course, if you’re mainly just a Dory fan, you can add her to an aquarium on her own, but she also looks nice with the Nemo and Marlin decoration from above.

Dory is only 1.5 inches tall and 1.75 inches wide. Thus, she’s the perfect size for a small tank.

Video: Disney’s Frozen Aquarium Set Up!


These Disney aquarium decorations can be cute for smaller tanks. My personal favorite is Ursula since her tank is so fun to decorate with a goth theme.

If these decorations are too cute for you take a look a these Walking Dead Aquarium Decorations you can use in your next tank.

You might also want to consider some DIY fish tank decorations to complete your Disney theme.

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