5 Calming Buddha Aquarium Decorations You Can Try!

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One of the main components of Buddhism is meditation, which helps calm the mind. Therefore, aquariums can be relaxing to watch in themselves. However, adding Buddhist decorations can increase the zen and serenity you experience when you view your fish.

Buddha aquarium decorations range from natural decor like driftwood to Buddha statues and plants. I’ve provided a list of my top five Buddha decoration choices, along with ideas on how to arrange them for optimal aesthetics and tranquility.

Top 5 Buddha Aquarium Decorations to Choose from

My five top choices for Buddha aquarium decorations include pieces that you can use alone or together to create the feeling you want for your aquarium.

Natural Driftwood

WDEFUN Natural Coral Driftwood for Aquarium Decorations,9 Inch-14 Inch Length, Large Size Driftwood for Decor On Fish Tank,Reptiles Tank. Pack of 2 Pieces

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Natural driftwood creates a very zen look in a Buddha aquarium. This pack contains two pieces of natural coral driftwood. Of course, no two pieces look alike, so your decor will be unique.

Your fish will enjoy swimming through all areas where the branches on your driftwood twist and turn. If you have cichlids, driftwood also makes an excellent place to tie anubias and java fern. Driftwood is also beneficial to plecos, who receive nutrients like lignin and cellulose from scraping the wood with their mouth, which helps improve their digestion.

Driftwood also helps maintain your aquarium’s ecosystem by promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria.

As the tannins in the wood slowly leak into the water, you can expect your water to turn a reddish or yellowish tea color, which aquarium hobbyists call a “blackwater” aesthetic. However, rather than being negative, many consider it a chance for water to appear more in nature, which is fitting for a Buddha aquarium.

The driftwood you will receive from this listing ranges in size from 9 to 14 inches.

Buddha Statue

SLOCME Aquarium Buddha Statue Decorations - Aquarium Decor Ornament Fish Tank Buddha Statue Decoration

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This Buddha statue sits serenely on top of rocks in Meditation Pose. He sits in a Lotus pose with his hands in his lap and his eyes closed. Having a meditative Buddha statue in your tank will provide a sense of peace and calm.

You can use this Buddha statue as the centerpiece of your aquarium. You might consider surrounding him with rocks similar to the ones underneath him. Seiryu Stone is probably the best option.

Moss is slowly creeping to cover the statue, so he would look at home in a moss-covered aquarium or even in a heavily-planted tank. Another idea is to use imitation bamboo or lucky bamboo to place him in the middle of a bamboo forest.

This aquarium Buddha is 5.6 x 2.8 x 6.9 inches, making it appropriate for any sized tank.

If you really like the Bamboo themed aquarium check out our list of the top 5 Bamboo Aquarium Decorations.

Buddha Head

Hamiledyi Buddha Head Statue Aquarium Decorations Resin Fish Hideout Betta Cave for Large Fish Tank Ornaments Betta Sleep Rest Hide Play Breed

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This Buddha depiction looks more Thai- or Cambodian-inspired than the previous Buddha.

I like this Buddha a lot because it’s empty inside, allowing fish to travel through him. They can swim through one of his shoulders, his magnificent hair, or the back of his skull. This ornament can provide a stress-free place for any fish that need more privacy, like shy fish and nocturnal fish.

This Buddha’s head looks like it’s been sitting in the jungle, crumbling for a long time. Providing a jungle-themed planting behind it can be a perfect way to use this Buddha. Here are some plants to consider for Buddha’s jungle:

  • Java fern (Microsorum pteropus)
  • African water fern (Bolbitis heudelotii)
  • African onion plant (Crinum calimistratum)
  • Fern-leaf swampweed (Hygrophila pinnatifida)
  • Anubias (Anubias barteria)
  • Amazon sword plant (Echinodorus grisebachii)

At 7.7 x 5.5 x 11.2 inches, this decoration is suitable for aquariums above 20 gallons.

Buddha Hand

OMEM Fish Tank Decorations Buddha Hand Statue Aquarium Ornaments (Hand)

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Buddhism adopted several yoga practices in its early stage, which is why yoga and Buddhism have close ties. For example, in meditative yoga, this mudra (or hand sign) where the thumb touches the index finger is called the surya ravi mudra. This mudra represents balance, energy, and vitality.

If you’re looking for something besides a Buddha statue or head that can work for your zen aquarium and bring you a sense of inner peace, this Buddha hand is a simplistic option.

Before purchase, you’ll want to know that the hand is black, not grey, as it appears in the photos. At 6.3 inches tall, 5.7 inches long, and 4.3 inches wide, you’ll find that it’s an appropriate size for any tank.

In the same listing, you’ll also find a sinking Buddha head, which might be of interest.

Buddha Garden Plants

Aquarium Plants Fish Tank Decorations MediumSize/9.4inch Plastic Artificial Plant Goldfish Waterscape Fish Hides Tree Set (Green)

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According to Buddhist texts, Siddhartha Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment (bodhi) after meditating under a Ficus religiosa tree for 49 days. This story is why many depictions of Buddha show him sitting under a tree that came to be known as the bodhi tree.

Bodhi trees live between 900 and 1500 years, and the one rumored to be the one where Buddha attained enlightenment is still alive in Bodh Gaya, India.

Having a bodhi tree in your aquarium can have symbolism and is beautiful on its own. However, you will most likely want to use it as a shade tree for your Buddha statue. It comes with three other small shrubs that can help complete your scene.

This listing also contains five other tree options that you might consider for your Buddha tank as well. The bodhi tree is 9.4 inches high, 9.4 inches long, and 3.5 inches wide, so it fits best in a tank that’s 20 gallons or more.

These trees would also go great with some Japanese Aquarium Decorations

Video: How To Set Up A Buddha Tank


When you’re trying to create a calming Buddha aquarium, you’ll want to choose a piece that resonates the most with you. My favorite combination is the Buddha statue sitting under the bodhi tree. However, I’m also partial to the idea of a tank with plants and driftwood.

When you’re trying to decide on Buddha aquarium decorations, you might also consider some DIY fish tank decor. For example, you can print out a scene for the back of your aquarium that helps tell the story you want for your tank.

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