Bloodworms For Betta Fish – Are They Safe?

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I recently had a reader ask me if Bloodworms were okay to feed to their Betta, and if so, which bloodworms were best, Live or Freeze Dried?

Since Betta fish are carnivorous, they can eat bloodworms. Bloodworms are AWESOME for your Betta and a great source of Omega One.

“A Betta’s diet should be protein rich and meaty. Pellets, frozen or live bloodworms, daphnia, and brine shrimp are best.” – Tropical Fish Care Guides.

But remember, it’s not the only thing you should feed them.

In the post below, we go over how often and how many bloodworms you should feed your Betta and finish off with a few recommendations for the best bloodworms live & freeze-dried for your Betta.

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Let’s start…

My Favorite Bloodworms For Betta Fish

Should You Only Feed Your Betta Bloodworms?


Betta needs a balanced diet to be healthy.

“Mix it up, Betta fish like variety and actually require the nutritional value of eating a variety of food to stay healthy. You wouldn’t eat the same thing every day, so don’t force them too.” –  Tropical Fish Care Guides.

Watch this Video from Cavush showing his Betta fish eating blood worms

How Often Do You Feed Betta Fish Bloodworms?

Most Betta owners feed their Betta about twice daily, but once is also okay. It all depends on your Betta. Some owners provide three times a day, which I think is too much.

But are we always using Bloodworms?

Nope, we mix it up.

Check out this great Step-By-Step Betta Feeding Guide, where you’ll learn;

  • The best times to feed your Betta
  • How many times a day to feed your Betta
  • How much to feed your Betta
  • What to feed your Betta

The guide is at the end of the post, so scroll down. Some great videos in the post are worth the watch.

How Many Bloodworms Should You Feed Your Betta?

Usually, about 1-2 worms are more than enough at a time. Remember, your Betta stomach isn’t very big (Only the size of a pea).

“DO NOT drop a whole cube into the tank, instead cut the cube into smaller pieces or break off a chunk, place it in a cup with some water from your tank. When you can get 1-2 worms out use this at feeding time any more than this will be over feeding.” Tropical Fish Care Guides.

Types of Bloodworms:

  1. Live Blood Worms: Betta fish go crazy for live Blood worms (Unless they are a stickler). You can buy them from Amazon, Petco, or Petsmart. They will be in little cubes which have hundreds of worms.
  2. Freeze Dried Bloodworms: they should be used for treats; they have low nutritional value and can replace one or two meals a week but never as a staple food. You can buy freeze-dried bloodworms like Amazon, Petco, or Petsmart.

Which is best? Live Bloodworms for sure; they will be high in protein and meaty, everything your Betta needs… However, freeze-dried should only be used as a treat for your Betta.

Best Bloodworms For Betta Fish

Get SAN FRANCISCO BAY Freeze Dried Bloodworms.

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