Betta Fish Tank Size

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New To Betta Fish?

For some great step-by-step tips, read our guide:

How To Care For a Betta Fish For Beginners.

1. Picking The Correct Tank Size

It is a common belief that betta fish can live in an aquarium as small as a cup.

It may be true that they can “survive” in a tiny cup, but is it the best environment for your betta fish?

Not at all.

But how many gallons does a betta need?

Keep reading, and we’ll let you know in the next section.

How Big Should A Betta Fish Tank Be?

The recommended minimum tank size for Betta Fish should be at least 2.5 gallons or larger. A 5-gallon is likely the best size tank for Betta Fish.


The smaller the tank, the more difficult it becomes to maintain a clean environment free of ammonia and toxins.

Small tank results in less room for error as toxins can build up much faster than in a larger aquarium. A small aquarium also requires more frequent water changes and tank cycling.

The betta fish’s natural environment is tropical, and they do best in aquariums that mimic this environment.

This can be accomplished by having plants (real or fake) and having your aquarium heated and filtered like any other tropical fish.

How Many Gallons Does A Betta Fish Need?

Betta Fish like to swim; the larger the tank, the better. The smallest tank size for Betta Fish would be 2.5 gallons.

Is A 10 Gallon Tank Too Big For A Betta?

No, this is a perfect size for your Betta as it will allow you to start incorporating a few tank mates for your Betta fish.

Video: How Much Space Does A Betta Fish Need?

2. Equipment List For The Best Betta Tank Setup

When you’re setting up a Betta tank, we recommend the following equipment:

  1. Betta Fish Tank – Marineland 5-gallon kit
  2. A Good Filter Like The AquaClear Filter
  3. A Heater Marina Heater for Bettas and Bowls up to 5 gal
  4. A Thermometer Mini Glass Aquarium Thermometer
  5. Small Plants, plastic or live (preferably low light species)
  6. A Pump Tetra Whisper Air Pump
  7. Plant Substrate
  8. Hood and Light

This list is just a starting point, and any large aquarium can be used.

The smallest Betta tank I use is 2.5 gallons, and the perfect tank size would be 5 gallons like this starter kit from Marineland, shown below, which comes with pretty much everything you need.

Suppose you’re into gardening and looking for cool Betta fish tanks, which will be the focus of any room. Then you should read our post about Betta Fish and aquaponics.

Always add a Stress Coat when setting up a new aquarium.

Stress Coat removes chlorine, chloramines, and heavy metals to make tap water safe for fish.

It Contains Aloe Vera, which promotes healing and regeneration of damaged fish tissue and forms a synthetic slime coat to help prevent electrolyte loss.

Stress Coat is proven to reduce fish stress, which can occur from setting up a new aquarium when performing monthly water changes, poor water quality, and handling Fish.

High-stress levels can cause poor health and a weakened immune system, making your Fish more susceptible to disease.

Performing 20% monthly water changes with a gravel vacuum will keep your aquarium looking great and your Fish healthy.

If you would like to read more about maintaining your aquarium, sign up for our nine tools to buy for cleaning your aquarium, which will show you step-by-step how to clean your aquarium.

It is best not to overcrowd your aquarium by adding too many fish too quickly. Instead, go slowly; start by adding two fish and wait ten days before adding another two.

It is recommended to go with 2.5 cm of Fish per 3.7 liters of water. Remember, your Fish will grow as they mature.

Betta’s can also be placed in some community aquariums. Decorate your aquarium as you like and include some hiding places for your fish to rest.

3. Betta Fish Myths

  1. Betta’s are not killers and can do well in friendly community aquariums.
  2. Though betta fish can survive in shallow puddles in the wild during the dry season. It is not their optimal environment. Their natural environment is the extensive waters of Thailand, full of plants and vegetation.
  3. True, betta fish can go up for air. However, this is mainly to survive in an oxygen-deprived environment. They are Fish, just like any other, and breathe through the water. So if you need extra oxygen get an Air Pump for your fish tank to help agitate the surface water.

Now let’s get into the reviews!

4. List Of Tanks That Are Perfect For Your Betta

The Marineland ML90609 Portrait Aquarium Kit, 5-Gallon

Click here to read our review of Marineland ML90609.

This kit is a great large betta fish tank that is 5 gallons in size, letting you show off your Betta with contemporary style.

It’s made of curved glass, so nothing is blocking your view, and the blue and white LEDs have both daytime and nighttime modes. This tank also includes a concealed pump and filter, so you have just about everything you need.

If you decide to get this tank, check out our full review of the Marineland Aquarium & find out what’s missing, so you’re ready to go when it arrives.

This is easily one of the best tanks for Betta Fish available (almost perfect).

Fluval Spec Aquarium

If you don’t have the space for a 5-gallon tank, Fluval’s Spec 3 gives you the same stunning looks and unbeatable functionality in a nice-sized 2.6-gallon tank.

This tank has everything you expect from the Fluval spec series. Etched glass sides with aluminum trim, a suspended lighting unit with 31 LEDs, and a top-notch Fluval filter make this a great tank for any Betta.

Most Affordable: Penn Plax Aquarium

This tank comes in just under 3 gallons and is perfect for your desk.

Its bent glass design and frameless construction make this modern-looking tank from Penn Plax an attractive showpiece for your home or office. With this tank, you’ll be able to show off your Betta from any angle.

Well suited for beginning Betta keepers with contemporary flair, Penn Plax also includes a quality HOB Filter, thermometer, and fish net, so you’ll have everything you need

The Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit [5 Gallon]

The only thing that could make Fluval’s SPEC aquarium even better would be a 5-gallon version, and Fluval delivers with the Spec V.

The same quality construction and Fluval components come together bigger to give your Betta more room to stretch his fins. And with the sleek design of this Betta tank, he’ll look great doing it.

We have a detailed review of the Fluval Spec V kit for more information, where we cover the good, the bad, and the ugly.


If you want to compare some of the best 5-gallon kits, read our post Superior 5 Gallon Betta Fish Tanks For Under $100

The Fluval Edge Aquarium with LED Light [6 Gallon]

I was looking for something for your office that shows style and class?

This 6-gallon six-sided aquarium is glass from edge to edge and looks floating in thin air because of its pedestal base. The pump and filter are tucked out of sight in the stylish cube resting on top.

The Fluval Edge is just as much a modernist sculpture as an excellent Betta tank, and it comes with the same quality you expect from Fluval.

GloFish 29045 Aquarium Kit with Blue LED light [5-Gallon]

There is something unique about Fish that glow! And although this aquarium kit is marketed for Glofish, it’s also an excellent tank for Bettas.

This is a curved 5-gallon tank made of quality acrylic, and it comes with a microfilter and blue LED lights.

Throw in some fluorescent Betta fish tank accessories, and your Betta’s home will glow with intense color.

What Is The Best Size Tank For A Betta Fish

The best size tank for a Betta would be at least a 5-gallon tank or larger.

Having a great Betta tank means a happy Betta, and happy Bettas are more energetic, playful, and entertaining for you.

And the best Betta tanks not only make an excellent home for your Betta, but they also enhance your own home with style you’ll be proud to show off.

No matter the size you need or the style you’re going for, you should be able to find a tank on this list to fit your needs. Once you have the perfect tank setup, you and your Betta will be ready for years of enjoyment.

All that aside, in our opinion, the best-rated Betta fish tank would be either the Marineland Portrait or the Fluval Spec V. As we note above, both tanks come with excellent features and accessories and come in sizes just perfect for your little friend.

And finally:

If you’re looking for something low maintenance, check out our post on NoClean Aquariums Betta Fish Tank: 8 Truths About Gravity Flow Self-Cleaning Tanks but be warned, it’s not as easy as you think.

Some people don’t believe you need a filter for a Betta Fish – So we wrote an entire post on the subject that might change your opinion.

Check out Do Betta Fish Need A Filter?

Here’s what you’ll learn;

  • How big of a tank do Betta fish need
  • Minimum Betta tank size
  • Betta fish tank requirements
  • List of great tank options for your Betta Fish

5. Our #1 Pick For A Betta Tank – The Marineland Portrait Kit

The Marineland Portrait Aquarium is one of those kits that come with (almost) everything you need. You can’t blame them for almost being perfect.

This tank is the perfect size for your Betta and other small Fish. Its unique and stunning design has captured the hearts of many Betta lovers.

It has incredible moonlight and daylight LED settings that give it an edge over other small aquarium kits.

With this feature, you can choose between a bright white light during the day and soothing blue light at night.

You can also add a timer for the ultimate hands-off experience.

Bored betta fish? Spice up their lives with engaging toys! Click here to explore our top picks for betta fish toys and provide endless entertainment for your aquatic companion. Discover the perfect playtime solutions that will keep your betta happy and active, from colorful puzzles to interactive floating toys!

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