Are Lego Aquarium Safe? Using Lego For Aquarium Decor

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Are Legos Aquarium Safe? Using Lego For Aquarium Decor

In this article, we’ll let you know if it’s safe to use Lego in your aquarium as well as how to make it safe and share a few awesome examples of Lego Aquarium Decor you can copy.

Why would you want to use Lego in an aquarium? Well, there are a few reasons;

  • It’s for your kids and they love Ninjago
  • You never grew up and love StarWars
  • You just want something different or fun and can’t find what you need at your local fish store

I’m sure there are lots of reasons we could come up with but to be honest, the whole point of Lego is Customization and that’s what a lot of fo fish keepers need to satisfy their craving.

They want to create something unique, something original something that they share and get tons of love on Instagram.

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My Favorite Lego To Put In A Fish Tank

So let’s start with the elephant in the room Is Lego Aquarium Safe?

Can You Put Lego In An Aquarium Is Lego Aquarium Safe?

Answer: If properly protected Lego is aquarium safe and can be used in aquariums with fish and other aquatic friends like shrimp and snails.

You see there is some confusion on this topic for example;

Over at aquariacentral one of their users seems to have contacted Lego and they confirmed that Lego is indeed safe…Lego is made of very stable hard plastic and will not breakdown in an aquarium.

However, if you actually look at they have the following statement;

We don’t recommend you use your LEGO® bricks as decorations in aquariums or fish tanks. Additionally, there are also a few types of LEGO® parts that should never be put into water.

Which is an odd statement considering the hundreds of pictures and videos where people have placed Lego in an aquarium. In fact, the video below shows a Lego Aquarium located in Legoland Denmark.

Apparently, It contains 4 lego submarines, 15 lego divers and approx 230,000 lego block were used in the aquarium display.

So with all the confusion out of the way what if you do want to use lego in your tank. Well, you need to make it safe and here’s how.

How To Make Lego Aquarium Safe

Even though Lego may or may not be safe to use in your aquarium you might want to be extra careful and follow a lot of aquarists who use Krylon Fusion Paint in their aquariums to seal or paint homemade fish tank decorations.

Krylon Fusion comes in a few colors as well as clear. Read our post-DIY Homemade Decoration Ideas and learn how to prepare any DIY decorations you’re thinking of putting in your tank.

Tips On Using Lego In An Aquarium

No one want’s their tank to look tacky so be careful not to go overboard with the lego I mean everything is awesome but there are limits. Here are a few tips if you are considering using lego in an aquarium.

  1. Don’t go overboard remember less is more.
  2. Pick a theme.
  3. Recreate your favorite movie scene
  4. Some Lego might float, you might need to weigh it down or assemble them underwater.

Lego Aquarium Decor Ideas and Examples Of Lego Fish Tanks With Real Fish

Here are just a few ideas to get your Lego Master Builder juices flowing.

1. In Search Of Little Mermaid Lego Aquarium

In search of the Little Mermaid

Use something like this; LEGO Juniors Ariel’s Underwater Concert

2. Scuba Pete


Use this; LEGO City Deep Sea Scuba Diver Minifigure

3. We All Live In A…Red?…Submarine


Try the LEGO Atlantis Neptune Carrier

4. The Princess Is In Another Castle

5. LEGO Atlantis City of Atlantis

LEGO Atlantis City of Atlantis 7985

If I saw a Lego Atlantis City in an aquarium I’m pretty sure I’d love it.

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