Aquarium DIY Projects & Ideas For The DIY Fishkeeper

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Below you’ll find all our most popular do it yourself aquarium projects ideas and articles that are just perfect for the beginner DIY fishkeeper.

Maybe you’re just looking to do something a little different in your tank and don’t know where to start.

Good news, we’ve got some fun homemade aquarium projects you can try out.

Let’s begin.

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1. How To Make A Pokemon Aquarium Bubbler

DIY - Pokéball Aquarium Bubbler.
DIY – Pokéball Aquarium Bubbler.

With the massive success of Pokémon Go, it was only a matter of time until this happened.

Recently, Thomas Burton, the funny guy behind many of the Big Al’s Aquarium videos, reached out to share his own DIY Pokéball Aquarium Bubbler!

The total cost to build is about $50.00.

Click here to learn how to make a pokemon aquarium bubbler.

2. How To Make A Homemade Aquarium Light (Cheap & Easy)

Cheap & Easy DIY Aquarium LED Lights_ How to Make Your Own LED Aquarium Lights

Good lighting can not only showcase your aquarium, but it can actually be healthy for your fish and plants. Ultimately, building an LED aquarium light doesn’t have to be an expensive venture, so long as you adopt a good DIY mindset about it.

Click here to learn how to make a homemade aquarium light.

3. How To Make A DIY Tank Divider 7 Different Ways (Perfect For Betta Fish)

7 Easy DIY Ideas for Betta Fish Tanks with Divider

A tank divider splits your tank into two or more partitions so you can have two aggressive fish coexist together without fighting to the death.

If you have two Bettas, housing them in one tank with a divider will simplify caring for them because you won’t need two tanks, two heaters or two filters. You’ll just have one tank to worry about.

Click here to learn how to make a DIY tank divider.

4. How To Make A DIY Aquarium Chiller

Quick & Easy DIY Aquarium Chiller For Under $100
Quick & Easy DIY Aquarium Chiller For Under $100

Depending on where you live it might get a little too hot for your aquarium and you may need some extra cooling for your aquarium.

Better yet you can build an aquarium chiller for under $100.00 and it can be used for pretty much any aquarium.

Click here to learn how to make a DIY aquarium chiller.

5.  How To Make A DIY Sponge Filter

In this article, you’ll learn how to make a simple sponge filter that will fit nicely in the corner of your aquarium and out of the way. The best thing is that it is super easy to build and very inexpensive and can be used in any tank size you can think of.

Click here to learn how to make a DIY sponge filter.

6. 10 Homemade Fish Tank Decoration Ideas For A Freshwater Aquarium

DIY Aquarium Decor Ideas 10 Homemade Fish Tank Decoration Ideas For A Freshwater Aquarium

When you think about aquarium decor, there are probably a few things that immediately come to mind: brightly coloured pebbles, rocks, plastic plants, and maybe even a scuba diver with a treasure chest.

But what if you want to do something different to create a decorative fish bowl or tank?

If so, we’ve got some great ideas for you.

Click here to learn how to make fish tank decorations at home.

7. Get Inspired with these 9 Aquarium DIY Backgrounds

DIY_ Stunning Fish Tank Backgrounds

This article showcases 9 Stunning DIY Aquarium Backgrounds found on Dramatic AquaScapes a great site and forum for anyone looking to start or learn about DIY Aquarium projects. They even have a step-by-step on how to build your own aquarium background page.

Click here to learn how to make DIY aquarium background.